Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to shoot?

Not much. Please see our rates page.

Do you take credit cards?

We do not take credit cards at this time, so cash only please.

Can new shooters shoot at the club?

Of course! Let us know you are a new shooter and we will have a Range Officer get you started.

How many targets are thrown in a skeet or trap round?

25 targets are thrown for each round of skeet or trap; conveniently the same as in a box of shotgun shells.  Doubles games use 50 targets.

What is skeet?

We shoot the American version of skeet. Check this Wikipedia page for more than you ever wanted to know about skeet: Skeet link

…or just come on out with an open choke shotgun and we will show you.

What is Trap?

You can check this Wikipedia page for information on a lot of variations of trap: trap link . We shoot American trap, American double trap, Continental trap, Bunker trap and occasionally some other trap games. Bring a modified or full choke and use 8 or 7 ½ shot for trap games.

Do you shoot Sporting Clays?

Yes. We have a 5 stand Sporting Clays field.

Can non members shoot at the club?

Yes. See price list for pricing.

Do you sell shot shells?

Yes we sell shot shells or you can bring your own. Remember no shot size larger than 7 ½. Reloading components are for sale for members only.

Can we bring our own clay targets?

Sorry no. Only club targets will be thrown.

How old do you have to be to shoot?

18. Persons under 18 must be accompanied by their parent/adult.

Can rifles or pistols be fired at the club?

No. Shotguns only may be shot at our club. Consider Redwood Gun Club in Samoa for rifle or pistol shooting: Redwood Gun Club

Also please review our Safety Rules Page.